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TASMAC open outside regular hours


Several residents in the area have noticed that TASMAC outlets in the area are open outside permitted working hours. The outlet opposite the Perungudi station opens as early as 9 a.m., according to residents. The TASMAC was in trouble when Railways mooted the idea of prohibiting liquor outlets near railway stations, to curb crime and accidental deaths.

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Posing as gas agency employee, conman makes off with 5K

A woman in Shanti Nagar was cheated of Rs. 5000 as a man, posing as the employee of the gas company, promised her a new gas regulator.

In her police complaint, the woman said that the man came to her doorstep and asked to check the gas regulator and tubing. He further convinced her by saying that if not replaced periodically, there are chances of an accident. He then proceeded to enter the house and said that the regulator seemed faulty, and should be replaced at once. He requeste Rs. 5000 to buy the regulator and even gave her a receipt, later found to be fake.


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Associations, institutions can join Velachery police Whatsapp group

Police of J7 station have started a Whatsapp group for office bearers of resident welfare...

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bento box
Orange Wok's Thai lunch boxes

Orange Wok, the Asian restaurant, offers Bento Box-- a lunch box for...

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Tosai offers mind-boggling variety

Tosai, an evening joint on Railway Station Road, features 87 different types of dosas on...

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Food and Drink

noodle bar
Noodle Bar at Phoenix offers meal at Rs.499

Noodle Bar, the Far East cuisine restaurant at Phoenix Market City, offers a four-course...

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Ramadhan begins; restaurants sell Haleem

The season of Ramadhan (Ramzan) began on Sunday for the Muslim community. A time for...

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